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BMW F34 3 series GT naked chassis spied

posted by Giannis

Big thanks to our long-time member EnI for providing us the above picture, of what seems to be the naked chassis of the F34 3 series GT. The first thing we notice is the raked rear window, which is very similar to that of the F07 5 series GT. Also, a third side window is evident, which makes us wonder what else the latest spy pics of what are said to be either 3er GT or 4er GC are hiding.

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  • The kink will be there … Yet it will indeed be a very mini kink.
    Mind this is not a completed frame since at least one or two layers of frame are missing (check the other pillars as well).

    A5 SB competitor? Not really. That role is reserved for the 4er GT / GC.
    3er GT will have an elevated sitting position, higher roof line, higher trunk – very much in 5er GT style yet it will be sportier & more compact. With more hatchback than fastback proportions – with shorter & lower tail than 5er GT.

  • JLBM

    Where's the Hoffmeister?

    I suppose in the missing sheet metal ;)

  • Looks like the a5 Sportback to me. But then again, it is supposed to be its competitor. Hope its not as ugly as the 5er GT though!

  • Where's the Hoffmeister?

  • Nice leak!

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