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Battle of generations: Old Scirocco vs. New Scirocco

posted by Giannis
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The current VW Scirocco, as it has a very fresh and original design and comes with nice engines, proper handling and equipment, has already created a very solid base of fans and supporters. That makes a few people wonder, if that was the case with the original Scirocco, most precisely the 1987 Scirocco, the last one to be sold in the US. Jason Cammisa of Automobile magazine, wondered the same, so he traveled to Germany to drive the two distant (?) relatives back to back.

The 2012 Scirocco is available with two 1.4 TSI (that’s turbocharged in VAG language) engines, with either 122 or 160hp, and then two 2.0 turbo engines, making either 210 or 265hp. Variety not being popular with VW of USA in the 80′s, one could have the 1987 Scirocco only with a 2.0-liter 16-valve inline-four engine that produced 175hp. In a car that was 700 pounds (a bit over 300kg) heavier than its youngest cousin, the 2012 Scirocco.

It’s a very interesting comparison, so don’t miss the video!

Source: [YouTube]

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