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Autoweek: S6 vs M550d and 320i vs A5 Sportback

posted by Giannis

According to the majority of automotive journalists, the F10 5 series are too soft for a 5er. On top of that, a diesel performance variant was recently released. The dutch Autoweek, tests it against Audi’s S6, to see how good BMW’s tri-turbo diesel, really is. Despite its natural lack of spark plugs, the M550d is a tough rival for the S6. Or, is it the other way around, as in “8 spark plugs are not enough”?

Then, in a different segment and much lower price range, there’s an interesting comparison between the newly introduced 320i and the A5 Sportback 2.0TFSI. Both come with a turbocharged 4-cylinder 2.0l engine. The 3er is BMW’s best selling model, while the A5 Sportback is Audi’s effort in winning the avantgarde entry luxury segment. With BMW’s 4er Gran Coupe at least a year before it’s introduction, the A5 SB can only be compared with a regular 3er. But what’s the case, looks aside?

To get the answers to both questions (“To spark plug or not to spark plug” and “what’s up, looks aside”) you need to watch the videos after the jump. The soundtrack is in Dutch, but there are english subtitles available. Feel free to drop by our forum discussions and share your opinion with us, here: BMW 320i vs Audi A5 SB and Audi S6 vs BMW M550d

Source: [YouTube] and [YouTube]

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