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Audi SQ5 to come with a 354hp gasoline engine

posted by Giannis

We gotta give it to the guys from, who discovered an new entry in Audi’s ETKA system, the brands illustrated parts catalogue. This new entry was titled “Audi SQ5 Quattro 3.0″ with the number 354 in the horsepower column, right above the “Audi SQ5 Quattro 3.0 TDI” entry. That’s clearly a confirmation that a gasoline version of the Q5′s top version is coming. A long waited one, according to many.

At this point, we are guessing that the gasoline SQ5 will come with the same 3.0l V6 engine as the S4 and S5, the only engine in Audi’s line-up to be given the TFSI name, while having a supercharger instead of a turbocharger. Finally, as far as the differentiation from the normal Q5, we are expecting the same subtle visual enhancements that were introduced with the SQ5, meaning a new set of wheels and a various number of body parts in aluminum.

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